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  Garrett Mills c1e7f750fc
Fix formatting in Select import 4 days ago
  Garrett Mills d57053703a
Start basic CLI framework 1 week ago
  Garrett Mills 4dc1f6d7c8
add proper undefined checks 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills d383cebe78
add mime information to universal path; include content type in static server 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 34863a26a7
Restrict static server to app_path s 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills e2efc6f39f
Replace path with universal paths 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills b780d35db1
fix type cast 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 380d50be43
add universal path classes, refactor view engine to use them 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 90ded11fae
remove example app 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 24762e4911
remove debugging 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills d88a5353ae
remove file:// from template dir on view render context 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills c482216565
remove file:// on view engine template render 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 0c4b8c11d7
remove file:// on view engine fs walk 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills f19adc5bf3
account for file:// when resolving app root 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills e21624368f
debug app root 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills f97a68b129
account for file:// when resolving app paths 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills a7d0f92da2
debug view engine paths 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills fa337864b4
debug view engine paths 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills c8d9f80579
debug view engine paths 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 642319ef1f
Fix view engine path resolution 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills dd38b2cda7
Revert scaffolding env helper changes 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 1f781c1b94
revert container global changes 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 1d0a0df12f
fix variable override error 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 76f73851a7
make container property of global window 2 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills c37b422d1d
Debug container 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 4b341b43e0
Resolve existing scaffolding for env function 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills c0e1e1d2a4
Proper handling for kernel level errors 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills f1301d24f7
Revert 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills fc5fbf2b70
Default path for scaffolding base dir 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 48ff05b12b
Make canonical use file:// prefix 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 59975830e7
Add logging to canonical unit 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 41b25a5670
Exports and cleanup for external use 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 601649e699
support route handler arguments; add daton::static file server 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 27ee1a552b
Clean up middleware; solidify support for route handler classes 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills ff34578d07
Support deno 1.3.x/0.67.0; replace handlebars with view_engine library 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 0f182b592b
remove moment from std export 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills b696d4a9dd
add exports to default module 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills c6d1728343
basic readme 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills f67ae37923
JSDoc all the things! 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills c2a7c3f914
Start JSDocs 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 673fbc84f8
Add support for eager-loading nested relations 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills dc6ba53380
Add support for subqueries 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 809af8063f
fix typo; import format 1 month ago
  garrettmills bd1c221e36
Create belongs_to_one and belongs_to_many inverse helpers 1 month ago
  garrettmills 81906b02bc
start relations (has one or many; has one; has many) 1 month ago
  garrettmills 2fd3c6c22b
Basic support for lazy loaded relations 1 month ago
  garrettmills b5bde7d077
Add view engine unit - handlebars - and response helpers 1 month ago
  garrettmills 3e4f8f00f2
Add support for app defined services 1 month ago
  garrettmills 3991c9b4bb
Add support for request timeouts; timeout helper 1 month ago
  garrettmills 48ead77765
HTTP errors for not found, not implemented, method not allowed 1 month ago