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EECS 448 - Project 1

This is a basic battleship game created as our submission for project 1 for EECS 448 at the University of Kansas.

Structure Info

This project has been wired up to use Vue.js to help organize components of the game.

These components are defined in files that end in the .component.js extension, and are located in the src/components/ directory.

The entry point for the project is the index.html. This file contains the basic logic for loading Vue, and adding the game board to the page.

Obviously, we'll flesh out the look-and-feel as we go along. This is just a basic starter for now.

How to Run

The easiest way to run this project is by creating a basic static web server using Python. This is super simple:

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt to the root of this project (i.e. the directory this file is in).
  2. Start the server: python -m http.server

This will start a web server on port 8000. You can then run the game by navigating to http://localhost:8000/ from a web browser.


You can preview it here. Otherwise, it is generated by JSDoc in the documentation/generated directory.

Re-generating the documentation

To regenerate the docs, you need Node.js and the Yarn package manager installed. Then, just:

cd documentation


  • Lucas Brakenridge
  • Javier Barea Lara
  • Garrett Mills
  • Evan Powell
  • Alec Horlick-Mills