19 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Garrett Mills 35113ed81c Remove Vault support; fix OpenID Connect client delete issue 1 month ago
Garrett Mills cf91063315 #9 - show app password use date in profile 12 months ago
Garrett Mills bd69be7137 Implement RADIUS server! 1 year ago
Garrett Mills 62c818dc8d
Add ability to require e-mail verification 2 years ago
Garrett Mills de20dce735
Add public endpoint to get user photo 2 years ago
Garrett Mills 3730ddc2f2
Add basic logic for managing vaults 2 years ago
Garrett Mills d1312fe627
Add logic to save OpenID connect grants 2 years ago
Garrett Mills f2995899ec
Add ability to manage and grant IAM permissions as policy 2 years ago
Garrett Mills d6e4ea2e56
Add ability to manage computers and computer groups from web interface 2 years ago
Garrett Mills 91fc8a65a2
Allow users to set login shell in profile 2 years ago
Garrett Mills 3ce470a9b2
add support for Gotify push notifications 2 years ago
garrettmills 1458e4126b
Add system announcements interface 2 years ago
garrettmills 6bd1ddc064
Add missing translation 3 years ago
garrettmills 3e3e4e3ef3
Translations for the profile page components 3 years ago
garrettmills 0bec18825e
More translations 3 years ago
garrettmills c956628c53
Start client-side locale support 3 years ago
garrettmills d2ae9c43e8
Finish server-side translations in controllers 3 years ago
garrettmills 86878efb52
Start implementation of flitter-i18n 3 years ago
garrettmills 8680242349
Support MFA recovery tokens 3 years ago