136 Commits (master)

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  Garrett Mills 13af63a364 Update 'app/views/welcome.pug' 2 days ago
  Garrett Mills 3730ddc2f2
Add basic logic for managing vaults 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills 5391c7c6d6
Check app ID on oidc auth 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills ae85c3fd24
fix format of oidc authorization checks 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills 3301a48750
Track oidc authorizations by app, not client 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills d1312fe627
Add logic to save OpenID connect grants 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills bd6eaceaf3
Remove debugging 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills 6b2257ae33
Fix recursive method call in sudo controller 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills 636e1f8ab9
Fix recursive method call in sudo controller 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills 627499537d
Look up IAM from sudo hosts 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills 7e3f198c04
Debugging 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills b26519ea88
Make sudo access managed via IAM rather than group checkmark 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills f2995899ec
Add ability to manage and grant IAM permissions as policy 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills 5645e8fae1
Clean up IAM to allow relations w/o explicit definitions 3 days ago
  Garrett Mills a7ed5d09f1
Better IAM denial logging 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 3a91417db3
Add default user to allow for default groups and IAM 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 0844da594e
Show iam filter for machines 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 64ad8931f3
Show iamTarget in relevant forms 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills a9d7b1c047
Allow IAM policy to manage user access to machines & machine groups 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills d6e4ea2e56
Add ability to manage computers and computer groups from web interface 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 718414d924
Clean up sudo LDAP formatting 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 943c30fa96
Add support for sudo 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 3d2c4c0fec
Cast gidNumber to strings 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 8b8c2e076f
User model - fix LDAP gidNumber 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 0ee36dc429
User - resolve posix groups for all member groups 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 48f5b3f71a
Make all groups appear in LDAP, get posix GIDs 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills ef819b0a2e
Groups - allow flagging group as su equivalent 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 91fc8a65a2
Allow users to set login shell in profile 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 2d31eaa148
LDAP - properly cast gidNumber to string 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 82e25ccef0
LDAP - support posixGroups in group model 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 53a1662f70
LDAP - specify user homeDirectory 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills dbb8684f68
LDAP - set default loginShell 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 6a4f82611b
LDAP - allow specifying certificate file 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills e6a7070589
Remove duplicate uid/gid number LDAP attrs 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills e6588b4f5b
LDAP - include gid number 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills 20e723f39f
LDAP - cast modifications to support posix logins 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills a8729930e6
Update drone to use promotions for prod 4 months ago
  Garrett Mills c725f14bf2
Update flitter jobs 4 months ago
  Garrett Mills 9b5216431d
Make jobs use built-in job logging 4 months ago
  Garrett Mills 1d5c00768c
Update flitter jobs 5 months ago
  Garrett Mills 7f1c9ec9a8
Update libflitter 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills fe0a4d5991
Update libflitter and set session max age 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills f06ff83dce
Move all front-end public field definitions into constructors for iOS support 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills 251aa6cf97
Remove source map annotations from minified libraries 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills 60003d64d5
Add front-end error logging 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills 535dde13ff
Guarantee additional logging data object in permission middleware 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills 63d102296f
Fix bad logging method call names 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills 77d203b2b0
Add missing service injection... 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills fcbf25e3ce
Check IAM policy for OAuth2 logins 6 months ago
  Garrett Mills 084ec7bbc1
inflate OpenID UID to case-sensitive on lookup 6 months ago