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autojump - a faster way to navigate your filesystem


autojump is a faster way to navigate your filesystem. It works by maintaining a database of the directories you use the most from the command line.

Directories must be visited first before they can be jumped to.


j is a convenience wrapper function around autojump. Any option that can be used with autojump can be used with j and vice versa.

  • Jump To A Directory That Contains foo:

    j foo
  • Jump To A Child Directory:

    Sometimes it's convenient to jump to a child directory (sub-directory of current directory) rather than typing out the full name.

    jc bar
  • Open File Manager To Directories (instead of jumping):

    Instead of jumping to a directory, you can open a file explorer window (Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, GNOME Nautilus, etc.) to the directory instead.

    jo music

    Opening a file manager to a child directory is also supported:

    jco images
  • Using Multiple Arguments:

    Let's assume the following database:

    30   /home/user/mail/inbox
    10   /home/user/work/inbox

    j in would jump into /home/user/mail/inbox as the higher weighted entry. However you can pass multiple arguments to autojump to prefer a different entry. In the above example, j w in would then change directory to /home/user/work/inbox.

For more options refer to help:

autojump --help



  • Python v2.6+ or Python v3.3+
  • Supported shells
    • bash - first class support
    • zsh - first class support
    • fish - community supported
    • tcsh - community supported
    • clink - community supported
  • Supported platforms
    • Linux - first class support
    • OS X - first class support
    • Windows - community supported
    • BSD - community supported
  • Supported installation methods
    • source code - first class support
    • Debian and derivatives - first class support
    • ArchLinux / Gentoo / openSUSE / RedHat and derivatives - community supported
    • Homebrew / MacPorts - community supported

Due to limited time and resources, only "first class support" items will be maintained by the primary committers. All "community supported" items will be updated based on pull requests submitted by the general public.

Please continue opening issues and providing feedback for community supported items since consolidating information helps other users troubleshoot and submit enhancements and fixes.


Grab a copy of autojump:

git clone git://

Run the installation script and follow on screen instructions.

cd autojump
./ or ./



autojump is included in the following distro repositories, please use relevant package management utilities to install (e.g. apt-get, yum, pacman, etc):

  • Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint

    All Debian-derived distros require manual activation for policy reasons, please see /usr/share/doc/autojump/README.Debian.

  • RedHat, Fedora, CentOS

    Install autojump-zsh for zsh, autojump-fish for fish, etc.

  • ArchLinux

  • Gentoo

  • Frugalware

  • Slackware


Homebrew is the recommended installation method for Mac OS X:

brew install autojump

MacPorts is also available:

port install autojump


Windows support is enabled by clink which should be installed prior to installing autojump.


  • autojump does not support directories that begin with -.

  • For bash users, autojump keeps track of directories by modifying $PROMPT_COMMAND. Do not overwrite $PROMPT_COMMAND:

    export PROMPT_COMMAND="history -a"

    Instead append to the end of the existing $PROMPT_COMMAND:



For any questions or issues please visit:


autojump was originally written by Joël Schaerer, and currently maintained by William Ting. More contributors can be found in AUTHORS.

Copyright © 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.