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import {Instantiable, FactoryProducer} from '../../di'
import {InMemCache, Maybe} from '../../util'
import {Cache} from '../../util'
import {ConfiguredSingletonFactory} from '../../di/factory/ConfiguredSingletonFactory'
* Dependency container factory that matches the abstract Cache token, but
* produces an instance of whatever Cache driver is configured in the `server.cache.driver` config.
export class CacheFactory extends ConfiguredSingletonFactory<Cache> {
protected getConfigKey(): string {
return 'server.cache.driver'
protected getDefaultImplementation(): Instantiable<Cache> {
return InMemCache
protected getAbstractImplementation(): any {
return Cache
protected getDefaultImplementationWarning(): Maybe<string> {
return 'You are using the default memory-based cache driver. It is recommended you configure a persistent cache driver instead.'