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import {Directive, OptionDefinition} from '../../cli'
import {Injectable} from '../../di'
import {stringToPascal} from '../../util'
import {templateMigration} from '../template/migration'
import {CLIDirective} from '../../cli/decorators'
* CLI directive that creates migration classes from template.
export class CreateMigrationDirective extends Directive {
getDescription(): string {
return 'create a new migration'
getKeywords(): string | string[] {
return ['create-migration', 'make-migration']
getOptions(): OptionDefinition[] {
return [
'{description} | Description of what the migration does',
getHelpText(): string {
return [
'Creates a new migration file in `src/app/migrations`.',
'To use, specify a string describing what the migration does. For example:',
'./ex create-migration "Add version column to sessions table"',
async handle(): Promise<void> {
const description = this.option('description')
const className = `${stringToPascal(description)}Migration`
const fileName = `${(new Date()).toISOString()}_${className}.migration.ts`
const path ='..', 'src', 'app', 'migrations', fileName)
// Create the migrations directory, if it doesn't already exist
await path.concat('..').mkdir()
// Render the template
const rendered = await templateMigration.render(className, className, path)
await path.write(rendered)
this.success(`Created migration: ${className}`)