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import {
} from '../../types'
import {Awaitable, Maybe, uuid4} from '../../../util'
import {ORMUser} from './ORMUser'
import {Container, Inject, Injectable} from '../../../di'
import {AuthenticatableAlreadyExistsError} from '../../AuthenticatableAlreadyExistsError'
* A user repository implementation that looks up users stored in the database.
export class ORMUserRepository extends AuthenticatableRepository {
protected readonly injector!: Container
/** Look up the user by their username. */
getByIdentifier(id: AuthenticatableIdentifier): Awaitable<Maybe<Authenticatable>> {
return (this.injector.getStaticOverride(ORMUser) as typeof ORMUser).query<ORMUser>()
.where('username', '=', id)
/** Returns true if this repository supports registering users. */
supportsRegistration(): boolean {
return true
/** Create a user in this repository from basic credentials. */
async createFromCredentials(username: string, password: string): Promise<Authenticatable> {
if ( await this.getByIdentifier(username) ) {
throw new AuthenticatableAlreadyExistsError(`Authenticatable already exists with credentials.`, {
const user = <ORMUser> this.injector.makeByStaticOverride(ORMUser)
user.username = username
await user.setPassword(password)
return user
/** Create a user in this repository from an external Authenticatable instance. */
async createFromExternal(user: Authenticatable): Promise<Authenticatable> {
return this.createFromCredentials(String(user.getUniqueIdentifier()), uuid4())