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import {Middleware} from '../../http/routing/Middleware'
import {Inject, Injectable} from '../../di'
import {Config} from '../../service/Config'
import {Logging} from '../../service/Logging'
import {AuthenticatableRepository} from '../types'
import {ResponseObject} from '../../http/routing/Route'
import {SessionSecurityContext} from '../context/SessionSecurityContext'
import {SecurityContext} from '../context/SecurityContext'
* Injects a SessionSecurityContext into the request and attempts to
* resume the user's authentication.
export class SessionAuthMiddleware extends Middleware {
protected readonly config!: Config
protected readonly logging!: Logging
async apply(): Promise<ResponseObject> {
this.logging.debug('Applying session auth middleware.')
const repo = <AuthenticatableRepository> this.make(AuthenticatableRepository)
const context = <SessionSecurityContext> this.make(SessionSecurityContext, repo)
this.request.registerSingletonInstance(SecurityContext, context)
await context.resume()