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import {DependencyKey, DependencyRequirement, PropertyDependency} from '../types'
import { Collection } from '../../util'
* Abstract base class for dependency container factories.
* @abstract
export abstract class AbstractFactory<T> {
protected constructor(
* Token that was registered for this factory. In most cases, this is the static
* form of the item that is to be produced by this factory.
* @var
* @protected
protected token: DependencyKey,
) {}
* Produce an instance of the token.
* @param {Array} dependencies - the resolved dependencies, in order
* @param {Array} parameters - the bound constructor parameters, in order
abstract produce(dependencies: any[], parameters: any[]): T
* Should return true if the given identifier matches the token for this factory.
* @param something
* @return boolean
abstract match(something: unknown): boolean
* Get the dependency requirements required by this factory's token.
* @return Collection<DependencyRequirement>
abstract getDependencyKeys(): Collection<DependencyRequirement>
* Get the property dependencies that should be injected to the created instance.
* @return Collection<PropertyDependency>
abstract getInjectedProperties(): Collection<PropertyDependency>