36 Commits (master)

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  Garrett Mills 8f7ff1de73
Add UI activation callback which will open database when opened from sidebar 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 9f104e8744
Scroll to element when node is selected in nav sidebar 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 0c93860816
Fix page reload navigation and add more debugging 3 weeks ago
  Garrett Mills 5eb68b9338
Add form mapping to database interface 1 month ago
  Garrett Mills d954777b89
Make back button dismiss open modal 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills 3fd6a54622
Initial form builder support! 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills 4c0fbc7594
Add interface logic for reverting page to previous version 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills cd37ea1df1
Add ability to load page version in editor service and show in version modal 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills ab811bb54c
Show read-only editor in versions (not actually versioning yet) 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills 26e8d6ecd6
Every editor page will instantiate its own editor service 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills 0e0d237d4f
Start page versions modal 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills 8190f1704b
Add popup confirm before deleting node (#28) 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills fe7e955875
Cache pages and page nodes for offline use 2 months ago
  Garrett Mills e30e8681e4
Add files type icons and colors 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills fdeea85450
Add ability to reposition nodes and insert before/after 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills 8b28109ab0
Start logic for adding nodes 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills 413fb8b94e
Centralize node type icons 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills c07f334d60
Start database editor conversion 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills ae24674717
Convert code editor to new format 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills 0a6a775fdb
Re-implement "add node" popover menu with colors 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills b0cf07ab49
Add ability to delete nodes in editor 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills 331d40e49c
Add logic to the editor service for saving 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills 8a9f6d508e
Start new WYSIWYG node editor 3 months ago
  Garrett Mills d36e861502
Upgrade to Ionic 5 and Angular 9 Ivy 3 months ago
  garrettmills 407d26eb05 Add ^S save binding to editor; fix bullet point delete bug 11 months ago
  garrettmills 9f361896ee Implement sub-tree sharing; read-only pages 11 months ago
  garrettmills 1eda3d0b30 Add inline host options button and implement horizontal row 11 months ago
  garrettmills 6a7618f971 Add suppport for UL; fix file uploader redirects 11 months ago
  garrettmills 813f4b094b Add file uploader support 11 months ago
  garrettmills dc4f8fe7ed minor usability enhancements 11 months ago
  garrettmills e97c19f19d finish database implementation 11 months ago
  garrettmills 6594acab1a fix merge error 11 months ago
  garrettmills b3be216de9 fix homepage style and disable direct access to the editor page 11 months ago
  garrettmills 7a504bb8de enable sidebar nav; fix build error 11 months ago
  garrettmills 3861c1e72f Task #11, Task #6 - add click_link type, saving/restore support to the editor 11 months ago
  garrettmills b0bc6ca20c Initial editor functionality 11 months ago