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horst3180 99e2b44094
Merge pull request #779 from TingPing/tingping/solid-suffix
7 years ago
cinnamon fix missing gradient warning 7 years ago
gnome-shell gnome-shell 3.24 fixes 7 years ago
gtk-2.0 gtk2: fix thunar bulk rename entry (fix #707) 7 years ago
gtk-3.0 fix atril toolbar background (fix #741) 7 years ago
metacity-1 add thumbnails for cinnamon theme chooser (#592) 8 years ago
unity use color swatches for selected bg and fg in svg assets 8 years ago
xfwm4 refactor xfwm theme 8 years ago Append solid suffix to non-transparent variant 7 years ago
index.theme add build system 9 years ago
index.theme-dark update build system 9 years ago
index.theme-darker update build system 9 years ago