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import {Unit, UnitStatus} from '../lifecycle/Unit'
import {Inject, Singleton} from '../di'
import * as WebSocket from 'ws'
import {HTTPServer} from './HTTPServer'
import {Logging} from './Logging'
import {ErrorWithContext} from '../util'
import {Request} from '../http/lifecycle/Request'
import {AsyncResource, executionAsyncId} from 'async_hooks'
import {HTTPKernel} from '../http/kernel/HTTPKernel'
import {InjectSessionHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/InjectSessionHTTPModule'
import {ExecuteResolvedRoutePreflightHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/ExecuteResolvedRoutePreflightHTTPModule'
import {ParseIncomingBodyHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/ParseIncomingBodyHTTPModule'
import {InjectRequestEventBusHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/InjectRequestEventBusHTTPModule'
import {RequestLocalStorage} from '../http/RequestLocalStorage'
import {MountWebSocketRouteHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/MountWebSocketRouteHTTPModule'
import {SetSessionCookieHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/SetSessionCookieHTTPModule'
import {MonitorWebSocketConnectionHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/MonitorWebSocketConnectionHTTPModule'
import {Bus, WebSocketBus} from '../support/bus'
import {WebSocketCloseEvent} from '../http/lifecycle/WebSocketCloseEvent'
import {ExecuteResolvedWebSocketHandlerHTTPModule} from '../http/kernel/module/ExecuteResolvedWebSocketHandlerHTTPModule'
import {InjectRequestLocale} from '../i18n'
export class WebsocketServer extends Unit {
protected readonly http!: HTTPServer
protected readonly logging!: Logging
protected readonly requestLocalStorage!: RequestLocalStorage
protected readonly bus!: Bus
protected kernel?: HTTPKernel
protected server?: WebSocket.Server
protected getKernel(): HTTPKernel {
if ( !this.kernel ) {
const kernel =<HTTPKernel>(HTTPKernel)
this.kernel = kernel
return this.kernel
public async up(): Promise<void> {
// Make sure the HTTP server is started. Otherwise, this is going to fail anyway
if ( this.http.status !== UnitStatus.Started ) {
throw new ErrorWithContext('Cannot start WebsocketServer without HTTPServer.', {
suggestion: 'Make sure the HTTPServer is registered in your Units.extollo.ts file, and it is listed before the WebsocketServer.',
// Start the websocket server'Starting WebSocket server...')
this.server = new WebSocket.Server<WebSocket.WebSocket>({
server: this.http.getServer(),
// Turns out that the websocket server was causing context loss bc of the way
// its callback structure works. So, to allow us to access the global container
// from w/in the server handler, we need to give Node some guidance on which
// async context we're using.
const resource = new AsyncResource('WebsocketServer', {
triggerAsyncId: executionAsyncId(),
requireManualDestroy: false,
// Register the websocket handler
this.server.on('connection', (ws, request) => {
resource.runInAsyncScope(() => {'Got WebSocket connection! ' + request.method)
const extolloReq = new Request(request), async () => {`WebSocket connection: ${extolloReq.path}`)
// Register the websocket with the request container
extolloReq.registerSingletonInstance(WebSocket.WebSocket, ws)
// Register the websocket bus with the request container
const wsBus = extolloReq.makeNew<WebSocketBus>(WebSocketBus)
await wsBus.up()
extolloReq.registerSingletonInstance(WebSocketBus, wsBus)
// Register the listener to clean up this connection when it dies
.then(bus => bus.subscribe(WebSocketCloseEvent, () => {
// Run the request through the kernel to get the setup
await this.getKernel().handle(extolloReq)
public down(): Promise<void> {
// Stop the websocket server, if it exists
return new Promise(res => {
if ( this.server ) {
// Since all the request busses connect to the global app bus,
// we can broadcast a global close event to get all in-progress
// connections to close their sockets.
const event = new WebSocketCloseEvent()
event.shouldBroadcast = true
.then(() => this.server?.close?.(() => res()))