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import {Awaitable, JSONState, Maybe, Rehydratable} from '../util'
/** Value that can be used to uniquely identify a user. */
export type AuthenticatableIdentifier = string | number
* Base class for entities that can be authenticated.
export abstract class Authenticatable implements Rehydratable {
/** Get the globally-unique identifier of the user. */
abstract getUniqueIdentifier(): AuthenticatableIdentifier
/** Get the repository-unique identifier of the user. */
abstract getIdentifier(): AuthenticatableIdentifier
/** Get the human-readable identifier of the user. */
abstract getDisplay(): string
/** Attempt to validate a credential of the user. */
abstract validateCredential(credential: string): Awaitable<boolean>
abstract dehydrate(): Promise<JSONState>
abstract rehydrate(state: JSONState): Awaitable<void>
* Base class for a repository that stores and recalls users.
export abstract class AuthenticatableRepository {
/** Look up the user by their unique identifier. */
abstract getByIdentifier(id: AuthenticatableIdentifier): Awaitable<Maybe<Authenticatable>>
/** Returns true if this repository supports registering users. */
abstract supportsRegistration(): boolean
/** Create a user in this repository from an external Authenticatable instance. */
abstract createFromExternal(user: Authenticatable): Awaitable<Authenticatable>
/** Create a user in this repository from basic credentials. */
abstract createFromCredentials(username: string, password: string): Awaitable<Authenticatable>