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We're always open to pull requests or code reviews. Everyone can become a permanent contributor. Just ping @lancedikson in the issues or on Twitter ❤️


The project runs Git-flow, where the master branch is for development and production is for production.

In a nutshell, if you are proposing a new feature that adds totally new functionality to bowser, it's better to branch from master and make a PR pointing back to master as well.

If it's a small hot-fix, an improvement to the docs, or added support for a new browser/OS/platform/etc, then it's better to branch from production and make a PR pointing back to production.

Following these simple rules will really help maintain the repo! Thanks ❤️

Adding Browser Support and Tests

See the list in test/acceptance/useragentstrings.yml with example user agents and their expected bowser object.

Whenever you add support for new browsers or notice a bug / mismatch, please update the list and check if all tests are still passing. Also, make sure to keep the list of browser aliases up-to-date in src/constants.js.

For creating aliases, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • use only lowercase letters for names
  • replace special characters such as space and dashes by underscore
  • whenever possible drop the word browser from the original browser name
  • always check for possible duplicates
  • aliases are supposed to also be a shorter version of the original name

Examples: Opera Coast --> opera_coast UC Browser --> uc SeaMonkey --> seamonkey


If you'd like to contribute a change to bowser, modify the files in src/, and run the following (you'll need node + npm installed):

$ npm install
$ npm run build #build
$ npm test #run tests
$ npm run lint #check lint rules